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We encourage our students to be healthy in both their mind and body.  We have PE class twice a week as well as 3 recesses per day.  P.E. class gives them the opportunity to work together as a team and implement other life skills in a healthy manner.  The students always look forward to Field Day and several Field Trips allowing them to develop physical skills.



Students have opportunities to use their talents.  Whether it's playing an instrument or singing in the school choir, participation is encouraged.  We have 2 main performances each year, as well as chapel once a week.

Visual Arts


Students are encouraged to use their creative sides.  They have access to art supplies that may be used on a daily basis when their other studies are completed as well as organized Art class.  They always look forward to Art day and taking their creations home to mom and dad.


The Unbelievable Super fantastic Truly Amazing Christmas Extravaganza!


December 13th 7:00pm
Performing Arts


Our entire school participates in our Christmas Drama in December.  Each student participates in either the choir, the set production, or as a character in the drama.  We present this at 3 venues: the school and 2 Assisted Living Centers to be an encouragement to those who cannot get out to enjoy such  events.  

We also present a Spring Cantata in March in one of the assisted living centers.

Special School Days

Creation Day - Our world testifies of a Creator  This day allows our students to choose one of the many creations that attribute their existence to that fact.

Great American DayStudents choose an American that has made a contribution of some kind toward our country.  They may dress as that individual and present an oral report.

Cultural Day - Students are encouraged to learn about other cultures around our magnificent world.  They choose a country or people group that interests them, then research different aspects that make them unique.  They will present their research on a foam board presentation or oral report.

Science Fair - Students develop a hypothesis, create an experiment that either proves or disproves that hypothesis and then presents their findings before the class.

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