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Chancellor and

Senior Pastor

Pastor Knutson has been pastor of Magic Valley Baptist Church and overseer of CLCA since 1982.  Pastor Knutson taught in the school for many years and is available to our students.

Romans 8:28

Clarence Knutson



Mr. Keaton has worked in education since 1994.  He has been teaching for many years and we have  been benefitting from his experience since 2013 when he became principal of CLCA.


Philippians 4:13

Robert Lynn Keaton


Angela Keaton has worked in education since 2001.  She teaches the Kindergarten classes K4 and K5.  She also teaches in the elementary classroom in the afternoon as well as many things behind the scenes.

Isaiah 26:3 - 4

Angela Keaton 
 Kindergarten and Elementary


Norma Keaton has worked in education since 1978 here at CLCA.  She is proficient in many areas but focuses mainly in the elementary classroom as well as High School English courses, Home Economics, and Geometry.

Proverbs 3:5 - 6

Norma Keaton
Elementary, High School Supervisor


Rebekah Summy has worked in education since 2001.  In 2013 she added the position of the church/finance office.  In 2019 she transitioned to the office full time, but continues to teach music and help in the classroom when needed.

Job 23:10

Rebekah Summy
Finance office, Music, Classroom Support


Christina Keaton joined our school in 2019.  She teaches typing to the elementary class beginning in the 3rd grade.  She has been a tremendous addition in our school office as well.

Proverbs 3:5-6

Christina Keaton
Typing teacher,
School Office


Marie Hatfield has volunteered as our Elementary reading teacher since 2013.  This is a vital role and we appreciate her time.  In 2019 she assisted in organizing and teaching the Home Economics class.


Isaiah 55:8-9

Marie Hatfield
Reading and Home Economics 

Judy Knutson.jpg

Mrs. Knutson is our pastor's wife and volunteers in the classroom with any one-on-one help that may be needed.  She is a valuable asset to this ministry.

Judy Knutson
Classroom Monitor


Mrs. Freeborn joined our team in 2017.  She teaches our elementary art class.  She introduces the students to several techniques through engaging art pieces.  Her creativity is contagious and our students love her. 

Mary Freeborn
Art Teacher

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